Stanley Donard

The Donard / Super Star first came on the market in the early 1980's and has proven itself well over the last 25+years, both as a dedicated cooking stove and as the engine for a hydronic system.

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Stanley Donard - Dry ($9,700.00) cooking only
Stanley Donard - Wet ($9,700.00) domestic hot water model

Stanley Donard - 15Kw HPB ($9,950.00) central heating model

Plate Rack and Splashback (add $800.00)


With 3 models to choose from -
Stanley Donard Dry - No Hot water
Stanley Donard Wet - For heating domestic hot water
Stanley Donard 15Kw High Power Boiler (HPB) - for heating multiple radiators
Features Include.
•Luxurious Vitreous Enamel Finish In A Range Of Attractive Colours
•Long Burning
•Powerful Central Heating, Domestic Hot Water or Non-Boiler Models Available
•Two Cast Iron Ovens - One Roasting & One Simmering
•Platerack & Splashback Option
•Solid Cast Oven Door
•Self Cleaning Ovens
•Simple Finger Tip Controls
•Large Hot Plate
•Insulating Hot Plate Covers

Optional 4Kw Hot Water jacket is designed for heating Domestic water in a Low Pressure Hot Water Storage Tank
D.H.W. (Domestic Hot Water) model is equipped with a boiler (2.5 litre capacity) designed to supply hot water to the bathroom & kitchen.
The boiler has 1" (25mm) tappings at the rear of the cooker to connect to a 180 or 270 litre (40 or 60 gallon) direct (low pressure) water cylinder as recommended by the plumber.
The boiler is vitreous lined to resist corrosion.

An optional High Power Boiler is available with a capacity of heating 15Kw of hot water for Hydronic Heating Capabilities
H.P.B. (Central Heating) model has the capacity to service a central heating system with radiators rated to approximately 15kw when installed in conjunction with an average size hot water supply.
The circulatory system should include an indirect 180 - 270 ltr (40 to 60 gallon) hot water storage cylinder.
All pipe fittings are 1" (25mm) flow & return.
For summer use, or at other times when central heating is not required, the boiler output can be reduced by means of a summer grate to reduce the size of the firebox. Components are supplied with the cooker.

  • For generations Stanley’s woodburning range cookers have brought warmth to homes and hot food to families. Today, woodburning is an increasingly popular lifestyle and economic choice for many homes. Each Stanley woodburning model combines classic good looks with durability.
    With three models to choose from, and heating, hot water and cooking options available, Stanley range cookers are in harmony with today’s busy lifestyle.